Tucker Carlson: Media Pollsters Should Be Fired Immediately — ‘They Cannot Keep Discrediting the Work of the Rest of Us’

Tuesday during Fox News Channel’s election night coverage of the Donald Trump-Joe Biden race, network host Tucker Carlson railed against the media and the polling industry for getting the election wrong.

In some cases, pollsters missed outcomes by double-digit margins by suggesting that the 2020 presidential election would not be close. Host Bret Baier asked Carlson if the polling industry were dead.

“You know, I really hope so,” Carlson replied. “And I can name some of the people that should be much fired immediately, and I think I will. I just need to calm enough to get their names on paper. The instinct of every — this is true of every industry because this is a function of human nature, but you cover for yourself you think of an excuse. Your children do it. ‘Well, there’s a good reason…’ No, no, you screwed up. You have to acknowledge it in order to get better. But we in the media are particularly good at pretending that there is some reason that we misled our view viewers or our readers. We really should stop doing that because too much is at stake. And the first way to fix it is by holding the people who screwed up accountable. And that’s just by firing them. And they can go do something useful like hang drywall or learn to paint or do something else. But they cannot keep discrediting the work of the rest of us by screwing up in the way they have. I think that is a fair ask.”

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