Watch: NBC’s McCaskill Weeps over Capitol Hill Impeachment Footage

Former Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO), now an NBC contributor, cried after watching the security videos presented by the Democratic House impeachment managers Wednesday on MSNBC’s impeachment coverage.

Moments after the trail paused, anchor Nicolle Wallace seeing McCaskill getting emotional, said, “Are you OK, Claire?”

McCaskill said, “Yeah, I’m OK.”

Wallace said, “You need a minute?”

McCaskill said, “You know, it’s just so hard, Nicolle. Watching my friends and colleagues and the staff run through that hall in fear. In our own Capitol building.”

She continued, “I mean, my anger, I am so sad that my anger that the nerve of this man to claim he supports police and supports law and order and he was sitting in his office while this was going on and did nothing. I mean, that and that alone makes this an impeachable offense. He failed to do anything to protect the people in that building once he knew it had completely gotten out of hand and turned violent. It is just heartbreaking.”

When asked about the Capitol police, McCaskill said, “I hope they figure out how, in the future, to make sure that the men and women who are protecting the Capitol and the people who work there have the support they need. There was clearly a major failure that they were so overwhelmed and so easily overwhelmed, but the fact that they fought and fought and fought and were doing everything they could, including using their own wiles to taunt and draw the terrorists away from their targets.”

While tearing up, she added, “It shows a level of professionalism and courage that is just amazing.”

Wallace said, “It is amazing. I’m going to give you a second, Claire.”

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