Biden: ‘We’ll Be Close to’ Having Most K-8 Schools Open Five Days a Week at the End of First 100 Days

During a town hall on CNN on Tuesday, President Joe Biden stated that he thinks we will be “close to” having the majority of K-8 schools back five days a week at the end of his first 100 days in office.

Host Anderson Cooper asked, “Well, let me ask you — your administration had set a goal to open the majority of schools in your first 100 days. You’re now saying that means those schools may only be open for at least one day a week –.”

Biden then cut in to say, “No, that’s not true. That’s what was reported. That’s not true. It was a mistake in the communication. But what I’m talking about is I said opening the majority of schools in K through 8th grade. Because they’re the easiest to open, the most needed to be open in terms of the impact on children and families having to stay home.”

Cooper then asked, “So when do you think that would be K-8 at least five days a week, if possible?”

Biden responded, “I think we’ll be close to that at the end of the first 100 days. We’ve had a significant percentage of them being able to be opened.”

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