Waltz: Biden Sending Money to Northern Triangle Will End up Sending Millions to Cartels, Gangs

During an interview aired on Tuesday’s “Fox News Rundown,” Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL) argued that President Joe Biden’s plan to send money to Northern Triangle countries will end up subsidizing cartels and criminal gangs due to corruption and the environment in those countries.

Waltz said, “What we also heard from President Biden during his address to Congress was that he plans to pour four billion dollars into the Northern Triangle countries to ‘address the root causes’ and one of the things you have to appreciate is these countries…are some of the most corrupt in the world and their governments are incredibly corrupt. In fact, if you talk to aid organizations down there, as I have, the cartels and criminal gangs tend to take 20-30% off the top of any type of aid that we’re distributing, otherwise — I mean, it’s like a mafia-type environment, otherwise it doesn’t get out to help folks. So, you put — do the math, you put just a billion dollars, that’s 200-300 million dollars that are going to these gangs and that are going to these criminal networks and only emboldening them.”

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