Warren: Trump ‘Is Truly a Danger to Our Democracy’

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), in an interview with “The Washington Post Live” on Thursday, said former President Donald Trump was “truly a danger to democracy” because he spreads “lies.”

When asked about Facebook’s Oversight Board’s decision to uphold the company’s ban on the former president for an additional six months, Warren said, “I am much happier with Donald Trump off the air, off Facebook. I don’t like having to get up every morning and go through what he’s done. I think he poses a lot of risk. I see this and think about the amount of power that Facebook has.”

Congressional correspondent Jacqueline Alemany asked, “Do you think former President Trump should be treated like an ordinary American?”

Warren said, “I think He poses much more risk than an ordinary American. I think the risk he poses is he spreads lies. Indeed, he is now forcing, evidently, everybody else in the Republican Party or the leadership of the Republican Party to agree to say the lie out loud. He spreads misinformation. He is truly a danger to our democracy.”

Alemany said, “So would you call for a forever ban on him then?”

Warren replied, “Yes.”

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