CT Gov. Lamont: Federal Jobless Benefits Need to Be Re-Worked to Create ‘Incentive’ to Work, I Worry They’re Doing Opposite

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Cavuto: Coast to Coast,” Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont (D) said that he worries about the federal government’s extended jobless benefits discouraging people from working and said that the federal government should advance unemployment benefits for people who take a job because that will “give more workers an incentive to get back to work faster.”

Host Neil Cavuto asked, “Well, you have to pay them a lot more too for those who are enjoying extended jobless benefits, courtesy of the federal government, an extra 300 a week. That can put them up over 800, 900 dollars a week, that would be tough for restaurants to top. So, when you hear from those owners in your state, what do you tell them?”

Lamont answered, “I tell a — that restaurant worker, the $300 true up from the federal government ends in September. I tell Washington, DC and the commissioners there, look, if somebody takes a job, why don’t you advance them three or four months of that $300 true up so they get $1,200 as an incentive to go back to work? It won’t cost the federal government any money because they’re already paying that in unemployment, and it’ll give more workers an incentive to get back to work faster.”

Cavuto then asked, “So, it does appear to be having an impact on those folks moving from that to jobs even in your state. Are you worried about that?”

Lamont responded, “I am. Look, I think we’re providing free childcare this summer thanks to the Rescue Plan. So, that makes it easier for that mom or dad to make getting to work a little more supportable. We’re providing free bus service during weekends to make it easier. All ways we can reduce the cost of getting to work and being able to work.”

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