GOP Rep. Comer: We Can’t Make a Climate Deal with China When They Use Slaves to Make Solar Panels

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Evening Edit,” Rep. James Comer (R-KY) reacted to Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry admitting that China uses slave labor to produce solar panels by stating that it’s “very troubling” that the Biden administration wants to strike a climate deal with China.

Comer said, “Now, we’re learning that much of the solar panel — the materials used for solar panels are made with slave labor in China. So, the fact that they want to sign another climate agreement with China, who uses slave labor, much less the fact that China is the world’s largest polluter is very troubling and I’m glad to hear John Kerry admit that under oath today.”

He added, “China is hacking into a lot of our technology right now and now they’re — we’ve proven that they’re using slave labor to produce [these] Green New Deal solar panels that Democrats are obsessed with converting our energy policy into. And I just think it’s a terrible precedent to try to do any major agreement with China when we know that any agreement that Joe Biden’s going to sign with China, China’s going to have the upper hand.”

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