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Lockdown Fatigue: Chinese Companies Moving Supply Chains out of China

The Chinese technology company Xiaomi announced the delivery of its first made-in-Vietnam phone handsets this week, the South China Morning Post revealed on Thursday, the latest Chinese company to move manufacturing power out of its home country in light of the Communist Party’s seemingly endless Chinese coronavirus lockdowns.

This photo taken on April 5, 2022 shows people wearing personal protective equipment (PPE)

China Denies Evidence that Slaves Make Its Solar Panels

Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities employed by solar panel plants in China’s western region of Xinjiang are working “of their own will” and paid a competitive salary China’s state-run Global Times claimed Thursday, refuting recent reports from Western media outlets and think tanks alleging the minorities operate under slave labor conditions.

Solar panels and wind turbines work in an integrated power station in Yancheng city, in Ji

Tesla Slashes Prices for Floundering Solar Panel Business

Tesla has reportedly cut its solar panel prices in an attempt to slow the decline of the companies solar business. In some locations, Tesla’s prices are now 38 percent below the national average. If the solar business continues to flounder, it could have major implications for Tesla’s taxpayer-supported operations in Buffalo, New York.

Tesla to show self-driving car progress to investors