Dem Rep. Veasey: Republicans ‘Have No Morals’ — Not Going to Lose Sleep over Discriminating Against Voters of Color

Representative Marc Veasey (D-TX) said Monday on MSNBC that the Texas bill tightening election rules showed Republicans had “no morals” and “they’re not going to lose any sleep at all about discriminating against voters of color.”

Veasey said, “You know, before I was in Congress and became chair of the Voting Rights Caucus here, I spent eight years in the state legislature. I understand the rules very well. And the Republicans have bent the rules over the years so they can pass racist pieces of legislation like this.”

Veasey said, “If you look at some of the provisions in the bill, for instance, the one that says that they’re going to reduce Sunday voting hours, that one is aimed right at the heart of African-American voters, when you change those Sunday voting hours because that’s typically when churches, African-American churches around state do souls to the polls. So the Republicans knew that by doing that that they were absolutely aiming squarely right at our communities.”

Veasey added, “I would tell Democrats to look towards Mitch McConnell. Look at what Mitch McConnell did when he completely changed the rules. Him and Ted Cruz sat there on national TV and lectured us about not appointing a Supreme Court justice, and then he turned around and did it just a few days before the damn 2020 election. If these things are important enough to them that they are going to bend the rules and why in the hell are we not doing the same thing if we do not pass HR-1 and HR-4, it would be an opportunity that was missed. More importantly, the harm that’s going to do to Black and brown Americans, perhaps for a generation or more to come, is just, you don’t even want to think about it because it will be so terrible and so we have to get this passed. We see what they’re doing. We see that they absolutely have no morals and that the Republicans have absolutely have — they’re not going to lose any sleep at all about discriminating against voters of color. So why in the world are we not making these two bills the most important thick that we do before September.”

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