McCarthy Calls for Declassification of COVID Intel, Says Cannot Get to Origin by Listening to China or W.H.O.

This week on Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Night in America,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) called for the declassification of intelligence regarding the origins of COVID-19.

McCarthy emphasized the importance of uncovering the truth about the virus’ origins of a lab in Wuhan, China, to prevent future outbreaks.

“It’s a very heavy crisis because think about what people had to pay for this: 3.8 billion [sic] people have lost their lives because China lied to the world. Six hundred thousand of those 3.8 are Americans,” McCarthy stated. “And for so long, we had social media tonight our ability to even talk about, of where it came from, or how to even call it from Wuhan and others. But the first thing we should do is declassify the intelligence. That would show us it came from Wuhan. The next thing we should do is deny the function of funding in Wuhan anymore. We should deny NIH from their ability to give grants or subgrants to countries like China, Iran, North Korea or Russia. You know what we should do as well? We should limit the number of visas from China coming in. We should lift the sovereign immunity so those 600,000 individuals who died — their family — could actually have justice and sue China. We should actually relocate the 24th Winter Olympics. They shouldn’t be held in Beijing. If China lied to the rest of the world, why should the world reward them? The World Health Organization shouldn’t get funding from America. It should be restructured. But one of the first things President Biden did was send them more than $240 million with no strings attached.”

“We cannot get to the origin by listening to China or the World Health Organization,” he added. “We should declassify the information and find first and foremost where it came from and let the entire world know.”

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