Marsha Blackburn on Biden Spending: Dems Are ‘Overheating’ the Economy

Monday on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) pushed back against the Democrats’ spending spree under President Joe Biden.

Blackburn warned the attempt to raise the debt ceiling and vote on budget and infrastructure bills would result in “overheating the economy” by running the debt up to $45 trillion.

“Maria, I think they are going to put everything into this one bill and then just try to do the heavy roll and push it all over the finish line. Now, the good thing is they do not have the votes they need in the Senate to do this,” Blackburn told host Maria Bartiromo. “And whether it is putting the infrastructure bill, of course, trying to put additional spending, and now the parliamentarian has told them they cannot do the immigration reform that they wanted to do. I think you are going to see them try to put it all in there in the House, and then when it gets is to the Senate, you are going to see them push back on that, which means we end up with a [continuing resolution].”

She continued, “[T]hey continue to try to elevate the spending and exercise more government control, and Bernie’s package and this is Bernie Sanders’ budget, a lot of my Democrat friends who voted for Joe Manchin say, ‘I didn’t vote for Bernie Sanders.’ And they don’t like this because it is so much more than the federal government generally spends. And you’re overheating the economy, and you are forcing this money out. And the federal government is supplanting the private sector whether it has to do with education or child care or assistance programs, it is an expansive growth, and it runs our debt up over $45 trillion by the time we get to 2030.”

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