Richmond: Republicans Have Deferred Their Intelligence to Trump and His Big Lie

Biden senior advisor Cedric Richmond said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Craig Melvin Reports” that Republicans had “deferred” their judgment and intelligence to former President Donald Trump’s claim he won the 2020 presidential election.

Discussing the Democrats voting bill, Richmond said, “The unfortunate part, that this is a continuation of the big lie. President Biden won the election with more votes than anyone in the history of the United States. It was the most scrutinized election in the history of the United States. And it was one of the safest and most transparent elections. We have a Republican Party that refuses to acknowledge that, but also they know that their policies, their thoughts, and the leader of their party is not popular with the American people. So if they can’t win an election, they have to choose who can vote and who can’t vote. That’s what they’re doing.”

He added, “Voting should be a contest of ideas. So far, their ideas are not accepted by the American people. Former President Trump is still out, creating chaos. So they’re just falling in line, unfortunately. They have deferred their will, their judgment, their intelligence to President Trump and his big lie. So we’re going to continue to fight. We still have The John Lewis voting rights bill out, which we are hopeful it will be a bipartisan bill. We’re going to keep pushing that one and keep working with the Department of Justice. We issued an executive order. We’re doing everything we can that we can go at it on our own, and we’re still pushing in the United States Senate so that they can get a bill that they can debate and that they can pass.”

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