Maher on Minneapolis Police Vote: ‘Luxury to Be Impractical’ on Issues Like Police Is Big Part of White Privilege

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher reacted to voters in Minneapolis rejecting a proposal to replace the city’s police department by stating that “one of the big parts of white privilege” is “the luxury to be impractical” on policies like policing.

Maher stated, “A majority of black voters opposed the measure to replace the police department, if that’s all we’re knowing about this. A majority of white voters supported it. And this is what I’ve said before on this show, to me, one of the big parts of white privilege, the luxury to be impractical. And when they do polls, they often find that it’s the white liberals who are way more liberal than the mainstream black person, and I think only 28% of blacks self-identify as liberal.”

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