Dem Sen. Murray: Cruz Comparing Abortion Protesters to January 6 Riot ‘Offensive’

Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was offensive in his words and tone when he compared protesters outside the homes of several Supreme Court justices to the rioters at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

During a Fox News interview, Cruz said, “What we’re seeing these images are the latest manifestation of just how extreme, how radical the Democratic Party is getting. Today’s Democrat Party believes in violence. They believe in mob rule, they believe in intimidation…These thugs have no business at the private homes of any government officials. These Supreme Court Justices are anyone else … On January 6, 2021 you had tens of thousands of people peacefully protesting, and yet the corporate media and Democrats slandered them with the made-up term insurrectionist, and yet in this instance, they are not willing to call off their goons.”

Reid said, “They are comparing people who are holding candles outside of one of these, you know, rights-stripping Supreme Court justices’ homes, to the people who busted into the Capitol, sh*t on the floor, and threatened to hang the vice president of the United States while smashing through glass and trying to kill United States senators and members of Congress. Your thoughts?”

Murray said, “Joy, that was one of the most offensive things I’ve heard, and I’ve heard a lot of offensive things since the Supreme Court leaked this memo. And I will tell you, I was here on Jan. 6th. My life was threatened, and so was everyone else’s, by people who wanted to take over the United States Senate and House by use of force. In this country, we use our voices, and we use our votes to make our opinions known, and people have a right to do that.”

She added, “But this is nothing, nothing compared to Jan. 6th, and I find that offensive. I find his words offensive, I find his tone offensive, and I find his message offensive. What we are talking about today are Republican politicians who are going to take over your choices in your life and tell you what they believe in is more important than you and not only more important, but they are going to impose it on you. That, to me, is offensive. That is using words and legislative language and intent to take away your rights — far different than what happened on January 6.”

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