Scarborough: They Need to Shut Durham Probe Down — ‘This Is a Joke’

MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough on Wednesday reacted to former Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann being acquitted of lying to the FBI when he fed it false information about supposed “collusion” between then-candidate Donald Trump and Russia during the 2016 campaign.

Scarborough called special counsel John Durham’s probe into the “Russian collusion” hoax “asinine” and declared that it was time “to shut this down.” He added the investigation was “a joke.”

“[I] t’s just asinine, and it’s been asinine from the start,” Scarborough asserted.

“So, here we are, after years of slandering the FBI, they have absolutely nothing to show about it,” he added. “And of course, the hilarity of the whole Sussmann thing, after we heard that the deep state, the FBI, they were going after poor Donald Trump. Poor Donald Trump was a victim. Well, this case was actually Sussmann supposedly lying to the FBI. So, Durham couldn’t even make the FBI the bad guys. Durham had to bring a complaint where the FBI was the victim of lying. And even that was a lie by Durham. They need to shut this down. It is a joke. It started with Donald Trump lying about Barack Obama tapping his phones in Trump Tower, and it’s ended with this. It’s time to put it behind us.”

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