Jordan: The GOP Was ‘Right’ Two Years Ago About Hunter Biden’s Laptop

Thursday on Fox Business Network’s “The Evening Edit,” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) sounded off about the GOP describing President Joe Biden’s son Hunter as a “national security threat.”

Jordan, pointing to the 150 suspicious activity reports made against the younger Biden and his financial dealings, said the GOP was “right” two years ago when calling for investigations into his laptop.

“I think you start with the 150 suspicious activity reports,” Jordan outlined. “Now, understand, that’s not one — that’s according to news reports — that’s not one, that’s not two — it’s 150. The vast, vast majority of Americans never have one, but you have the former vice president’s son with 150, now the current president’s son, with 150 of these reports, and the Treasury Department tells Republicans you’re not allowed to see them even though that has been the practice in the past. So, I think that in and of itself tells you something is going on here.”

“And understand what these are,” he continued. “These are transactions in the banking world where they are concerned about the amount; they’re concerned about the number; they’re concerned about who may be involved, the name of a person — are they some kind a threat concern? So, there’s 150 of those. That is the concern I think so many have. And that is coupled, of course, with what we knew back during the campaign with the laptop and 10% for the ‘Big Guy’ and all those stories that we’ve heard over the last two years.”

Jordan later added, “What we do know is that we were right two years ago, right? When the press told us, and when 51 former intel officials told us that this story about Hunter Biden and his laptop and the connections — when they told us it was Russian disinformation, turns out it wasn’t.”

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