CNN’s Lemon: Laws, Constitution ‘Built Around White Males’ — They Are ‘Least Discriminated-Against People’

CNN anchor Don Lemon said Wednesday on “New Day” that white men wrote the laws and U.S. Constitution, so he believed they were the “least discriminated-against people.”

Discussing Republican Arizona Senate nominee Blake Masters criticizing affirmative action, Lemon said, “He believes nothing of what he’s saying. If you listen to all the people who say the same things that he says, they all sound alike, like it’s a script. He knows that he what he’s doing is and that he’s trying to rile up his base. Right. People who feel that they’re disaffected because they’re white. He’s, he is what, trying to reach this white population who feels aggrieved. It’s a grievance culture. Now, listen, someone like Blake Masters, and quite frankly, white males in this society, there have never been carve-outs in our Constitution for white males. Why? Because they wrote it, because the laws and the structure of the country are built around them, are built around white males.”

Lemon added, “Listen, I’m not saying that there aren’t a white people, especially and white men who are, who don’t have challenges, who aren’t discriminated against. But for the most part, they’re the least discriminated-against people in this country. There’s never been a carve-out in the Constitution. There’s never been an amendment for anyone who looks like Blake Masters. So all of that silliness aside, because Blake Masters doesn’t believe a word that he’s saying, and I think that most people who say that, leaders I’m talking about, don’t believe a word.”

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