BBC’s Kay: ‘Half of Europe’s in an Uproar’ Because Biden’s ‘Armageddon’ Line Just Plays ‘Into Putin’s Desire to Make Us Afraid’

During the Overtime segment of Friday’s edition of “Real Time,” author, U.S. Special Correspondent for the BBC and MSNBC Contributor Katty Kay stated that President Joe Biden’s warning of nuclear Armageddon just plays “into Putin’s desire to make us afraid.” And that “half of Europe’s in an uproar” over Biden’s remark for that very reason.

Kay stated, “I’m not sure the use of the word ‘Armageddon’ is very helpful. I mean, Putin wants us to be afraid, and you can — I mean, half of Europe’s in an uproar about him saying Armageddon. Because actually, all that does is play into Putin’s desire to make us afraid. You could say there is a serious threat, and there is a serious threat. And Bill Burns, the Director of the CIA, who, thank goodness, used to be the Ambassador to Moscow, has made it very clear to the Russians that were they to launch any kind of tactical or small nuclear weapon — as if that was possible — the Americans would bomb every Russian column in Ukraine and the war would be over and sink every ship in the Black Sea.”

Later, she stated that, on the whole, Biden has done a good job handling the war.

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