GOP Rep. Moore: Trump Indictment ‘Backfires’ in 2024 – ‘They Can’t Cheat Enough to Win the Next Time Around’

Representative Barry Moore (R-AL), a member of the House Freedom Caucus, says the decision by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg to pursue the indictment of former President Donald Trump will have consequences for Democrats in the next election cycle.

During an interview with Mobile, AL radio’s FM Talk 106.5, Moore said the indictment had united Republicans and mobilized Americans.

“[W]hat’s going to happen is this prosecutor has mobilized this red part of America, the flyover states and everywhere else, to get behind this president,” he said. “And I think it has united the party. You know, we’ve had our disagreements within the party. You know, some may not be as conservative as some of us and some more moderate — but we are called to fight for liberty. This mobilizes us to do that. I think it is going to make President Trump far more stronger now than he would have been had this not happened.”

According to the Alabama federal lawmaker, the impact of the indictment on the electorate will put victory out of reach for Democrats.

“Whether it was Russia, Russia — they spied on Trump’s campaign,” Moore added. “They went after General [Mike] Flynn. They went after Roger Stone. Then they accused him of something underhanded in Ukraine. They impeached the man twice, and then they went and raided his house 91 days before an election. It just tells you rather than focus on a crime, they’re focusing on a man to find a crime. And that is concerning the American people. This backfires in November. They can’t cheat enough to win the next time around, Jeff.”

On Friday afternoon, Moore handed out ham sandwiches at his Capitol Hill office to play off former New York Court of Appeals chief judge Sol Wachtler’s quote that district attorneys could get grand juries to “indict a ham sandwich.”

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