Hawley: ‘We Deserve to Know if This President Is a Crook’

Wednesday, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) reacted to a whistleblower alleging the FBI has documents linking President Joe Biden to a “criminal scheme” during an appearance on “Fox News Tonight.”

The Missouri Republican said the public deserved to know if Biden was a “crook.”

Partial transcript as follows:

JONES: You know, Senator, is it time for a special counsel on this matter?

HAWLEY: It might be.

JONES: I mean, I don’t understand how the Department of Justice and the FBI can act this way with oversight from the commander-in-chief, Joe Biden and we still have confidence in them.

We saw that they tried to suppress what was going on with the laptop during the presidential election, and then we’re just supposed to forget it.

Now, the media wants to acknowledge that the laptop was in fact true.

HAWLEY: Yes, and particularly because what the whistleblower has said is, the FBI has been in possession of this information about Joe Biden for months, potentially years.

So the allegation is the FBI hasn’t acted on it, that there has been interference. We need to know the facts here. Release the document, release the evidence. If there needs to be a special counsel, appoint one.

But the only way the American people are going to have confidence is if the information is out there. What is it they used to say about Richard Nixon? They deserve to know if the president is a crook. We deserve to know if this president is a crook. Let’s get the information.

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