MSNBC’s McCaskill to GOP: ‘Back Off Joe Biden,’ He Loves His Son

MSNBC political analyst Claire McCaskill said Tuesday on “Deadline” that House Republicans criticizing President Joe Biden after his son, Hunter Biden, reached a plea deal with the Department of Justice needed to “back off.”

When asked about Republican lawmakers comments on the plea deal, McCaskill said, “I don’t know what America they live in and I don’t know how they sleep at night. Alcoholism and addiction are probably the most pervasive diseases in America. I don’t know of one family that hasn’t been touched by the pain of these diseases. And it’s particularly painful when you have someone you love unconditionally that is suffering from these diseases.”

She continued, “What do these jerks in the House want Joe Biden to do? For now, refuse to speak to him so he doesn’t love him publicly? Do they not understand this disease and how it works? Hunter Biden has gone to recovery under the brightest lights imaginable, and recovery is not easy for anybody.”

McCaskill added, “And by the way, everybody needs to back off Joe Biden about this. He loves his son. Back off! It is okay for him to love his son and there’s nothing wrong with it. They have no evidence of any kind of wrongdoing by Joe Biden. And it infuriates me that they’re using this heartbreak against Joe Biden in this way. It’s just not right.”

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