Gaetz: McCarthy Has Been ‘Reckless and Unhinged and Rattled and Misogynist’

Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) said Tuesday on Newsmax TV’s “The Balance” that Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has done his job in a “reckless and unhinged and rattled and misogynist” manner.

Anchor Eric Bolling said, “Tell us what’s going on with you and McCarthy.”

Gaetz said, “It’s not an Ethics Committee matter that led us to be here without our appropriations bills passed. And this is also a pattern, Eric, because when I was critical of Kevin’s leadership, Oh, I’m just an ethically challenged congressman.”

He continued, “But then, when Victoria Spartz, a congresswoman from Indiana came forward and said, ‘No, I agree with Matt Gaetz that it’s Kevin McCarthy, who failed us.’ Well, then he said, ‘Well, she’s just a quitter.’ Now, this is a woman who said that she was gonna be returning to her family because they needed her and Kevin called her a quitter. Meanwhile when a man in Congress actually left in the middle of his term, Chris Stewart, Kevin McCarthy didn’t call him a quitter.”

Gaetz added, “So he’s been reckless and unhinged and rattled and misogynist in how he’s attacked those who are making a substantive argument.”

Asked if he wants to be speaker, Gaetz said, “No, I have no interest in running for speaker. I just want the Congress to do its actual work.”

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