Nikki Haley: Possible Government Shutdown an ‘Embarrassment,’ Congress ‘Has Been Lazy’

Former Gov. Nikki Haley (R-SC), a Republican presidential candidate, said Wednesday on Fox Business Channel’s “Varney & Co.” that if Congress shut down the government, it would be an “embarrassment.”

Haley said, “It’s not difficult to cut spending, you have to want to do it. Congress has been lazy for a long time. Biden has sent us down the socialism creek, but our Republicans have done this to us too. They need to get in a room, they need to figure it out.”

She added, “Taxpayers don’t want to hear about whether you’re going to shut down government or not shut down government. They want to hear you’re going to get in a room and fix it.”

Anchor Stuart Varney said, “It looks almost certain we’re going to shut this government down. Republicans will get the blame. Are you prepare to accept the blame for shutting down the government in the interest of lowering spending?”

Haley said, “I am prepared to blame all of Congress if that happens. Because what we expect of them is do your job. And let me tell you this, if government shuts down, Congress should not get paid. You don’t pay any single congressional member if you’re going to go and allow this embarrassment to happen and do this to the taxpayers. Taxpayers send you to D.C. to do your job. Doing your job is balancing a budget. They don’t do that.”

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