BBC Journalist Noah Abrahams Resigned After Network Refuses to Call Hamas Terrorists

Jewish BBC sports reporter Noah Abrahams said Friday on “TalkTV” he will no longer work for the broadcaster because they refuse to call Hamas “terrorists.”

Abrahams said, “British Jews are terrified, and so am I. And I’ve just made a really monumental career and life decision. So as with everyone I’m going through a hard time at the moment.”

When asked if he is quitting because of the BBC’s decision not to call Hamas terrorists, Abrahams said, “That is correct. I have morals, and I stick by them. I think the words justified and unjustified have been thrown around a lot since the weekend. I think the BBC’s refusal to use the correct terminology is unjustified. Words are quite literally fundamental to the English language. They have impact on how we think, how we react, how we act. They have influence. The phrase freedom fighter distracts from the terrorism.”

He continued, These people aren’t freedom fighters or, as John Simpson refers to them, gunmen. They’re terrorists. There are probably people watching who think, ‘My God, this boys has thrown it all away for some words,’ but words – when neglected – have the power to fuel hate and put fuel on the fire.”

Abrahams added, “Jewish schoolchildren can’t go to school feeling safe and synagogues have security so heightened that it strikes fear to you. We’re taking off our jewelry and necklaces. People will avoid London tomorrow because of the threat. That is fear. And anything that happens in Israel – like it or not – has a direct affect on the British community. Bristish Jews are terrified and so am I. And I don’t feel like I can stand by the BBC any longer with their stance on terminology.”

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