Holder: No Question Hunter Biden Prosecution Has ‘Political Component’

Former Attorney General Eric Holder said Thursday on CNN’s “Laura Coates Live” that there is “no question” there is a “political component” to President Joe Biden’s son Hunter being charged for tax-related crimes.

Coates said, “He saying, look, I’m being targeted. it’s a continuation of a larger discussion about the weaponization of the government. You heard this a lot. When you see a case like this, it’s Hunter Biden an example of a witch hunt or a justice being at least pursued?”

Holder said, “It’s interesting, I’m not sure I’d call it a witch hunt. And haven spoken to former colleagues, both Republican and Democrat, who were United States Attorneys and asked them, you have these facts in your office would you had brought this case? The answer to a person was, ‘No. This is not a case that we would have brought.’ There would’ve been some kind of resolution along the lines that were suggested in the possible plea agreement. I think that he is being not targeted, but treated a bit differently because of who he is. There is a political component of this case, which is not to say that the special prosecutor, Mr. Weiss, is doing anything inappropriate, but there’s political pressure that exists in this case that you would not see with other members.”

He added, “There is no question that there is political, there is a political component to this.”

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