GOP Rep. Buck: ‘Terrible Impeachment’ of Mayorkas Sets ‘Terrible Precedent’

Representative Ken Buck (R-CO) said Tuesday on CNN’s “OutFront” that the impeachment of Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas was “terrible” because it sets a “terrible precedent.”

Burnett asked, “Did you reconsider your vote at all before tonight? Because you were receiving a lot of backlash. I would tune into Fox News occasionally. I would hear your name always used in vain on this particular issue. Did you reconsider at all?”

Buck said, “No. The reality is, the facts didn’t change in my opinion of him. I prosecuted for 25 years. I know what a high crime and misdemeanor are and I know that this doesn’t qualify. This is a policy difference.”

He added, “You can try to put lipstick on this pig. It is still a pig. And this is a terrible impeachment. It sets a terrible precedent. The first impeachment of Donald Trump was a bad impeachment. And we’ve got to stop this in this body, or we are going to lose our credibility with the – further lose our credibility with you the American public.”

Buck concluded, “A lot of my colleagues are coming back in the next Congress. If there’s a Republican president next Congress, you better expect an impeachment of a cabinet official.”

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