NBC’s Ruhle: Gas Prices Are Rising Partially Because Russia, Saudis Are Trying to Help Trump by Cutting Production

On Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “11th Hour,” host and NBC Senior Business Analyst Stephanie Ruhle stated that one reason for rising gas prices is because of production cuts from Russia and Saudi Arabia, “who would sure like to help” 2024 Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump.

Ruhle began the segment by saying, “We know that inflation is driving Americans crazy. If you’re unsure, just call your mother. For many, it is their biggest complaint right now. And because President Biden is in the White House, he gets the blame. But over the last few months, one thing he has been pointing to is low gas prices. But, unfortunately, if you look closer, recently, they have been steadily, and quietly, going up. Now, this is a common thing going into the summer. More people drive more, it pushes up demand, that is normal.”

She added, “But there are other reasons as well, ones that may be more deliberate, even political, like Saudi Arabia and Russia continuing to cut oil production until June. And remember, when production is down, prices go up.”

Ruhle further stated, “[T]he last thing that President Biden wants or needs is rising gas prices. But do you know who wants them? Saudi Arabia, Russia, and their bestie bestie best, Donald Trump.”

She added, “[T]hese prices are not the fault of President Biden. … We’ve got the highest oil production in U.S. history, and some overseas oil producers who would sure like to help DJT.”

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