Dem Sen. Rosen: MAGA Extremists Are ‘Waging a War on Women’

Senator Jacky Rosen (D-NV) said Thursday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that “MAGA extremists” were waging a war on American women with their abortion policies.

Discussing an abortion amendment to her state constitution, Rosen said, “We already have enshrined choice in statute. We want to put it in the constitution to make it even stronger. But make no mistake, since they overturned Roe, we know the consequences of what’s been happening all across this country, the attack on women’s freedom and women’s rights. We saw my Republican colleagues wouldn’t support access to contraception or reproductive assistance. If they institute a nationwide abortion ban, this wouldn’t really even matter. That’s why it’s important to keep a Democratic, pro-choice majority to protect our values and not have women dying in emergency room parking lots to get the care they need and able to get the contraception they need so they can start a family where and when and how they want to.”

She added, “This war on women, the war on our freedom, the war on our ability to travel perhaps, and just taking all that away, is unacceptable. And the MAGA extremists like Sam Brown, and like all of my colleagues here in the Senate, they’re waging a war on women. Nevadans aren’t going to have it.”

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