Texas Police Officer, K9 Rescue Two Girls from Attempted Carjacking

K-9 Officer Rex and his human handler Officer Sarver.
San Marcos Police

A Texas police office officer and his K9 rescued two girls from an attempted carjacking last week, authorities reported Monday.

San Marcos Police said that on January 22, Officer Stephen Sarver and his K9 partner, Rex, responded to the incident.

The suspect, Christian Lee Guzman, first injured a woman and allegedly stole her car outside an Econo Lodge, CBS Austin said.

Then, Guzman attempted to carry out another carjacking outside of San Marcos High School, police said.

After the second attempt, Guzman allegedly tried to steal a vehicle plugged into a Tesla charging station behind the San Marcos Premium Outlets.

“My initial thought was he’s probably going to do it again if this is his second time, and he’s probably going to look for a target opportunity,” Sarver told KXAN.

Sarver said he got into an intense struggle with Guzman while he tried to steal the third vehicle behind the outlets. Sarver did not know at the time that there were two girls inside the car, one ten-year-old and one 15-year-old.

Sarver said he eventually was able to catch up with Guzman thanks to help from outlet security.

The officer said both girls were crying and pleading for help while Rex blocked an escape path for Guzman.

“I just wanted to protect the kids at all costs… I used my door popper on my door to get my dog to come to me,” Sarver said. “Rex and I jumped in on the passenger side, and the other officers were able to drag him [Guzman] out of the car.”

Officers removed the children before tasering and ejecting Guzman from the vehicle, News 4 San Antonio reported.

Rex then tried to comfort the girls.

Both girls made it home safely.

Guzman was arrested and taken to the Hayes County Jail, where he is currently being held.

He faces multiple charges including, aggravated robbery, robbery, interference with a 911 call, evading in a vehicle and on foot, endangering a child, resisting arrest, criminal mischief, and attempting escape.


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