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Texas Cop Fired for Switching Drug Sniffing K-9 for Regular Dog

DRISCOLL, Texas — A police officer has been fired and may face criminal charges regarding the apparent disappearance of a drug sniffing dog. The police K-9 is believed to have been switched for another dog with no training.

Davis and his new K9 partner Tuko

Ohio Cop Selects New Dog in Texas After K9 Killed

The Canton Ohio Police Department cop who lost his K9 partner was in Texas on Monday and he selected a new K9 that was donated from a Houston-based nonprofit, K9s4COPS.


Santa Muerte Pendants Did Not Protect Alleged Mexican Cocaine Smuggler

A Mexican woman wearing two Santa Muerte pendants was arrested after U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers discovered nearly forty pounds of cocaine in her SUV’s spare tire. A CBP K9 alerted officials to the presence of the drugs during a vehicle search.