Report: Chicago Judge Perplexed Why Kim Foxx’s Office Charged Man with Misdemeanor Instead of Felony Carjacking

FILE - In this Feb. 22, 2019 file photo, Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx speaks at a news conference, in Chicago. Text messages show Fox, the Chicago prosecutor whose office handled the case of "Empire" actor Jussie Smollett told her top deputy that Smollett was a "washed up celeb" …
AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato, File

A judge pressed Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx’s Office Thursday as to why a man charged with a misdemeanor was not charged with felony “aggravated vehicular hijacking” after hearing the charges.

Judge Barbara Dawkins, of Cook County, asked prosecutors during the hearing if there was “a reason” Trevale Robinson, 32, was in “misdemeanor bond court as opposed to felony bond court” after she heard the prosecution’s allegations Thursday, CWB Chicago reported.

A prosecutor informed the judge that felony carjacking charges were “rejected” by Foxx’s Office, according to CWB Chicago. 

“The facts of this case sound much more like an aggravated vehicular hijacking than a criminal trespass to motor vehicle,” the judge later remarked. “Nonetheless, we’re here in misdemeanor bond court.”

The incident unfolded in a parking lot near West Congress Parkway and Central Park Avenue at around 10:00 p.m. Tuesday, according to CWB Chicago, citing records from the Chicago Police Department (CPD). A woman was in the parking lot when another woman approached her and sparked a verbal altercation, prosecutors said. The aggressor allegedly slugged the victim in the face, and her keys and cell phone fell to the ground, according to prosecutors.

Prosecutors said Robinson, flashing a firearm, subsequently accosted the victim from behind, snatched her keys and phone, before, as the victim claimed, jumping into her vehicle and fleeing the scene. The CPD later recovered the vehicle, which Robinson was operating, and arrested him, prosecutors said.

Dawkins set Robsinon’s bond at $80,000, online inmate records show. Robinson was ordered to undergo electric monitoring should he come up with ten percent of the total bond and be released from custody, according to CWB Chicago. His next court date is June 9.

Robinson has a lengthy rap sheet that includes a conviction on two counts of home invasion causing injury stemming from a 2016 incident. He was on parole from his two nine-year sentences for the crime when he allegedly committed Tuesday’s crime, the outlet noted. Moreover, he has previously served sentences for narcotics distribution and carjacking.

As Breitbart News previously noted, referencing a Chicago Tribune article, Foxx “dropped 25,000 felony cases,” which included cases involving murder charges. “In 2020, billionaire left-wing activist George Soros gave $2 million to a PAC backing Kim Foxx,” Breitbart News pointed out, citing the Chicago Sun-Times.


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