Police: Indiana Man Had Pistol Hidden in Rectum During Traffic Stop

Christopher Boyd, who has a long criminal history, was carrying a handgun in his rectum Mo
Vanderburgh County Jail

A man with a long criminal history was carrying a handgun in his rectum Monday during a traffic stop in Evansville, Indiana, police say.

Officers made the 2:00 a.m. traffic stop for an obstructed license plate on a vehicle in which 32-year-old Christopher Boyd was a passenger, The Smoking Gun reported.

The outlet noted the car’s driver and another passenger were later released after the Evansville officers searched them.

The outlet continued:

A pat down of Boyd, however, turned up “a small bag with multiple pills” in his right sock. Boyd reportedly said he got the narcotics from his “Aunt Trish” and believed the pills to be Percocet. He used the painkiller, Boyd said, “because he has a bullet lodged in his spine.”

Before being placed in a cruiser, Boyd (seen at right) was searched, though he claimed to be unable to spread his legs very far due to his spine injury. “While searching in Boyd’s groin area, Boyd tensed up,” a cop noted, adding that he asked the suspect if he had “anything stuffed in his groin or buttocks.”

In reply to the question, authorities said he told them he did not.

When they arrived at the jail, a body scanner highlighted an object in the suspect’s groin area while a strip search revealed small bags of marijuana concealed beside the man’s scrotum.

During the process, Boyd was clenching his buttocks and an officer realized he was holding a handgun inside his rectum. The gun was eventually removed from the suspect’s body.

The Smoking Gun said it was a Smith & Wesson Bodyguard, which is quite small and lightweight.

An image shows the suspect in the case:

Social media users were quick to offer their thoughts on the report, one person referring to it as “Concealed carry.”

“I hope it wasn’t loaded. That would be dangerous,” another user replied. The Smoking Gun article noted it was unclear if the firearm was loaded or not.

Boyd was reportedly previously convicted of attempted murder, burglary, and domestic battery, the outlet stated.

Now, “he is the subject of an active protective order and has been classified as a ‘Serious Violent Felon and Domestic Batterer,’ which bars him from possessing a handgun, cops reported,” the report said, adding he was charged with felony drug, gun, and trafficking charges in the recent case.

Officials are currently holding him without bond.

In 2022, a model skirted being criminally convicted for attempting to smuggle cocaine into an event in Sydney, Australia, where there were drug-sniffing canines, according to Breitbart News. The outlet said that during a strip search, law enforcement had found the cocaine in a condom tucked inside her vagina, the outlet said.

A similar instance happened in Waco, Texas, in 2015, when police found drugs in a car and a loaded pistol tucked inside a woman’s vagina during a traffic stop, per Breitbart News.


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