WATCH: Anti-Israel ‘Queers for Palestine’ Protesters Block Access to Disney World in Florida

A pro-Palestinian demonstrator protests against the participation of Israeli contestant Ed
AP Photo/Martin Meissner

Tensions rose when anti-Israel protesters with the group Queers for Palestine blocked traffic on Saturday outside Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Protesters used their cars to block the exit at Interstate 4, the New York Post reported Sunday. Video footage shows several of them standing behind the vehicles and holding banners, one of which read “Free Palestine” and had what appeared to be a Mickey Mouse image on it.

“Free, free, free Palestine!” the protesters yell as cars honk in the background:

The group has claimed that Disney supports “genocide,” and the protesters also screamed, “No more money for Israel’s crimes!”

Some drivers moved onto the shoulder to bypass the demonstrators and be on their way, but others chose to confront them. One man got out of his blue SUV to talk to them as they yelled:

In another clip, he tells the protesters they are losing people to their cause because of such demonstrations. “Fuck you, get out of the road,” one protester tells him.

The terrorist group Hamas attacked Israel on October 7 and war between them has raged since then.

“In addition to claiming that Disney supports Israel without ‘acknowledging the loss of Palestinian lives in the ongoing genocide,’ Queers for Palestine also blasted the company for introducing an Israeli superhero in 2025’s ‘Captain America: Brave New World,'” the Post article said.

During the demonstration, law enforcement arrived 11 minutes after it began and arrested three protesters with Queers for Palestine, according to the outlet.

“Florida continues w/ zero tolerance for blocking traffic,” Fox News’s Bill Melugin wrote in a social media post that featured images of officers making the arrests:

In April, anti-Israel protesters blocked a major roadway into Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport which caused a snarl of traffic and extreme frustration, Breitbart News reported.

Some travelers were forced to walk the rest of the way to the airport to make their flights on time.

Meanwhile, Palestine activists protested the annual remembrance of the Holocaust at the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camps on Monday, per Breitbart News.


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