Watch: Donald Trump’s Border Wall Reaches 371 Miles

Border Wall construction

Twitter videos provide a close-up look at the two-miles-per-day construction of President Donald Trump’s border wall, which has now reached 371 miles amid furious resistance from pro-migration lawyers, environmentalists, and business groups.

Mark Morgan, the top appointee at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency, posted a video October 19;

The video marks 30 miles of the additional wall since Morgan posted a video 16 days ago, on October 3. The construction rate is almost two miles per day.

Progress accelerated in 2020, from a slow start once federal funds and construction crew arrived at the border:

Close-up videos show the size of the wall:

Opponents of the wall are also eager to show the scale of the project:

The desert is dangerous to cross, and many migrants have died while making the trip. One critic used Twitter to show the terrain close up, complete with comments: “Fuckwit fascists want to kill this wild freedom with their small minded, 30-ft tall wall … This land was stolen from the O’odham and now its getting imprisoned by a White Supremacist butcher back East.”

But the wall is going up, admits MSNBC’s Jacob Soboroff:

More photos here.

Meanwhile, Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden’s 2020 platform would dramatically expand legal and illegal immigration.

Biden’s 2020 plan promises to let companies import more visa workers, to let mayors import temporary workers, to accelerate the inflow of chain-migration migrants, to end migration enforcement against illegal aliens unless they commit a felony, and to accelerate the inflow of poor refugees to at least 125,000 per year.

In contrast, Trump’s 2020 plan offers broadly popular — but quite limited — pro-American restrictions on migration and visa workers.


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