Axios: Joe Biden’s Deputies Lose Thousands of Migrant Youths

TOPSHOT - Migrants wait to receive food donated by people from the Community Center for Migrant Assistance in the community of Caborca in Sonora state, Mexico, on January 13, 2017. Hundreds of Central American and Mexican migrants attempt to cross the US border daily. / AFP PHOTO / ALFREDO ESTRELLA …

Thousands of younger working-age migrants have disappeared after federal officials invited them into the country via the “Unaccompanied Alien Children” [UAC] border loophole, according to Axios.

The UAC youths and children are expected to stay in contact with government officials after they are picked up by “sponsors” — who are usually illegal migrant parents — to ensure they are safe and in school.

“Roughly one-in-three [phone] calls made to [32,000] released migrant kids or their sponsors between January and May went unanswered, raising questions about the government’s ability to protect minors after they’re released to family members or others in the U.S.,” Axios reported September 1. “In 4,890 of those instances, [government] workers were unable to reach either the migrant or the sponsor.”

Axios noted:

Between the lines: The government is already investigating whether dozens of migrant children were released to labor traffickers, as Bloomberg Law recently reported. This happened in 2014 as well, when migrant teens were released to traffickers and forced to work on an egg farm.

Breitbart News has extensively covered the growing evidence that many of the released youths are eager for U.S. jobs — often under illegal conditions for very low wages — because even low U.S. wages are far higher than wages in Central America.

Breitbart has also covered the growing evidence that progressive officials allow many girls and young women into the U.S. to be prostituted.


A map of Mexico as it was in 1794 is displayed as young illegal immigrants and their supporters rally in support of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) in Los Angeles, California (AP)

Many of the children are also separated and sent into the U.S. by migrant parents who plan to sneak across the border, even as progressives continue to complain about “family separations” under President Donald Trump.

The lost communication with the youths is ” just further proof, if any were needed, that the unaccompanied minor flow is, at least in part, just a gimmick for labor migrants,” said Mark Krikorian, the director of the Center for Immigration Studies. He added:

They’re just regular illegal aliens looking for work. They may not even be children because the government doesn’t really check their age, which could be 18, 19, 20. Even if they’re 16 or 17, there are lots of people that age working in construction or service jobs.

“Honestly, I think almost everyone in the system knows that most of the [migrant] teens are coming to work and send money back home,” Maria Woltjen, executive director and founder of the Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights, told a ProPublica reporter: “They want to help their parents,” she said in a November 2020 article.

In 2020, under President Donald Trump, most UAC migrants were flown home instead of being allowed into the United States.

From January to July 31, President Biden’s deputies have admitted 77,000 young migrants who claim to be under age 18. Another 16,000 have arrived in August, including 656 who were welcomed on August 31. The vast majority of the younger children are being delivered by cartel-backed coyotes under contracts with their parents and relatives who living — often illegally — in many U.S. cities.

Migrants are processed by United States Border Patrol after crossing the US-Mexico border into the United States in Penitas, Texas on July 8, 2021. - Republican lawmakers have slammed Biden for reversing Trump programs, including his "remain in Mexico" policy, which had forced thousands of asylum seekers from Central America to stay south of the US border until their claims were processed. (Photo by PAUL RATJE / AFP) (Photo by PAUL RATJE/AFP via Getty Images)

Migrants are processed by United States Border Patrol after crossing the U.S.-Mexico border into the United States in Penitas, Texas on July 8, 2021. (PAUL RATJE/AFP via Getty)

U.S. officials complete the coyotes’ contracts with the parents by relaying children — for free — from the coyotes at the border to their parents — or by relaying youths to labor traffickers. “We’re complicit as a nation in human trafficking,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said at a March 26 press conference in Texas with 17 other GOP senators. Under Biden, “we’re transporting people — who pay [coyotes] to get here — the last mile with your taxpayer dollar.”

The contract completions are being ordered by Alejandro Mayorkas, the pro-migrant zealot who runs the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

In media events, Mayorkas portrays the UAC migration as a government program to save abandoned children. At a White House press conference in March, Mayorkas portrayed the UAC migrants as lost waifs:

The Trump administration expelled children to Mexico, and we are not expelling young children.  We are not apprehending a nine-year-old child who’s come alone, who has traversed Mexico, whose parents — whose loving parents had sent that child alone.  We are not expelling that nine-year-old child to Mexico when that child’s origin — country of origin was Guatemala, Honduras, or El Salvador.

We are actually bringing that child into a Border Patrol station as a stepping point to get that child in the hands of HHS, that has the capacity and the unique talents to care for the child — healthcare workers, mental health counseling, and the like — and moving that child to a sponsor as quickly as possible.

Recent federal data shows that roughly 68 percent of the UACs are males, 75 percent are aged 15 or above, and 31 percent are at least aged 17.  Less than 2 percent are aged nine.

Despite the data, Democrats portray the youth migrants as lost children. In a May 13 hearing, for example, Sen. Gary Peters declared:

During my trip to the border last month, for example, I met a young boy, a very young boy who had arrived with his older brother, but was separated from him and being processed separately and therefore was alone. Do you know how many children arrive with caretakers who are not their parents?

But the distinction between children and illegal migrants is largely irrelevant to the pr0-migration progressives in the Democratic Party, Krikorian said. “I don’t think the anti-border folks acknowledge a distinction between different kinds of migrants … [to them] anybody who comes to the border basically has a right to come in and so what’s difference does that [distinction] make?”

Migrants climb over a fence in a yard near the border between Mexico and the United States in Del Rio, Texas on May 16, 2021. Crossings in Del Rio have risen significantly this year with many crossings earlier this year by Haitian migrants and now many coming to seek asylum from Venezuela. (SERGIO FLORES/AFP via Getty)

The establishment media pushes the “alone” child narrative. For example, CBS news declared August 12:

The administration also continues to see high numbers of unaccompanied migrant children crossing the border. Nearly 19,000 child migrants crossed the border alone last month, an increase from June and on par with levels seen in March.

“I’m not sure reporters really want to know” the real story, said Krikorian. “There’s a comfortable storyline about ‘Children fleeing awful conditions and Americans saving them,’ and why mess with a good story?”

Overall, Biden’s government is expected to import 1.6 million migrants in 2021, or roughly one migrant for every two American births in the year.

This policy extracts many new workers, consumers, and renters from poor countries for the benefit of U.S. employers, investors, and government agencies — and also to eventually deliver many potential voters to the Democratic party.

This policy of extraction migration damages ordinary Americans’ career opportunities, cuts their wages and raises their housing costs. More migration also means that coastal investors can hire cheap foreign labor on the coasts instead of investing in heartland jobs or deploying wage-boosting robots that help Americans do more work faster. Immigration also shrinks Americans’ political clout and wrecks their open-minded, equality-promoting civic culture.


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