VIDEO: Marine Tackles Teens During Fight at California High School

A U.S. Marine tackled two teenage boys to the ground as they fought each other on Wednesday in Stockton, California.

Video footage shows the moment U.S. Marine Josue Valdez Sarmiento runs up behind the two boys in an effort to stop the fight as they punched and kicked each other.

The video shows bystanders watching as Valdez Sarmiento, wearing camouflage pants and a black T-shirt, slams into the two teens, knocking them to the ground. For a few moments, he stands over them and attempts to separate the two stunned boys, then turns and walks away.

Moments later, another man in a grey shirt approaches and pulls one of the boys to his feet while the second young man remains on the ground.

Reports said Valdez Sarmiento recently graduated from bootcamp and is working at a recruiting station in the area. Officials said he is currently waiting to go to his military occupational specialty school.

“Pfc. Josue Valdez Sarmiento witnessed what he perceived to be a dangerous school fight and intervened,” the Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego/Western Recruiting Region said in a statement.

“As a service, we take great pride in being members of the community and would never want a student to be injured by the actions of any Marine or to jeopardize our relationships with the high schools where our recruiters often serve,” the statement concluded.

 The video was posted to Facebook by a page titled 209 Times with a caption that addressed several concerns regarding the Marine and the leadership at Edison High School where the initial fight took place.
The post read:
He ran full speed from over 30 yards out. Also of concern is the lack of response from actual school staff as the fight lasted for over a minute uninterrupted in the open. Teachers at Edison and other schools are telling us that students have no fear of discipline as a result of the controversial new superintendent John Deasy has gutted the disciple rubric as a means of ‘political correctness.’

No injuries were reported as a result of the fight and subsequent tackle. However, reports said school district officials are currently investigating the incident.

“He just wanted to do what was right for the school,” Sgt. Jocelyn Ontiveros said of the young Marine, adding, “The Marine Corps doesn’t condone violence.”


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