VIDEO: Convicted Prostitute Booted from Texas School’s Sex-Ed Council

A Texas woman who was involved in decisions regarding curriculum in Godley ISD is a convicted prostitute, a fact that has alarmed the community.

Leaders have since removed the woman, identified as Ashley Ketcherside, from several positions she held with the district, and Fox 4 reported Monday she offered her own escort services on the internet.

An image shows the woman in question:

The woman was reportedly on a council that discusses sex education.

“School Health Advisory Councils, or SHACs, are required by Texas law,” the Fox article said.

Ketcherside can been seen in one of the district’s videos during a SHAC meeting in October, and the outlet said her name was found as a committee member in the minutes taken at the event.

“Ketcherside was also selected by Superintendent Rich Dear to the Long Range Facility Planning Committee,” the report said.

However, parents began investigating after Ketcherside claimed she owned several businesses but no one knew anything about them. A public records search showed her email address matches the one on the escort sites for a person named Lola Brea.

In addition, “Tarrant County court documents obtained by FOX 4 reveal Ashley Ketcherside, whose maiden name is Ashley Villalobos, was found guilty of prostitution in 2012 and 2016,” the outlet said.

According to the Doug Murphy Law Firm, P.C., escorts are usually paid for their time with a client while prostitutes get paid for sexual activity.

“But if an escort agrees to have sex with their date after an event, it’s still considered prostitution under Texas law. Under Texas law, you could face a felony charge for soliciting prostitution whether you hire a prostitute or an escort,” the site reads.

Godley ISD said a background check was required for Ketcherside’s positions, telling Fox it would not allow persons to be an employee or volunteer if they had certain criminal convictions.

However, Mary Lowe of the nonprofit group called Families Engaged for Effective Education, said a background check would normally reveal such arrests but they do not because they are misdemeanors in Texas.

Meanwhile, retired FBI agent Colin Schmitt told Law&Crime:

What they likely did is called a live scan, which is basically you go into a UPS store or whatever and you go ahead and you put in your number and you go ahead and they take your fingerprints off this machine called a live scan machine. And those fingerprints are sent up to the state of Texas. They run them through the criminal database which is connected to fingerprints to see if anything pops up. Well, the problem with that is in this case misdemeanors, if she wasn’t arrested it means her fingerprints were never taken. So then she’s not gonna pop up in the live scan system or in their fingerprint system.

Godley ISD said the woman’s husband, Michael Ketcherside is among other fathers who volunteer with the Athletic Booster Club and Watch Dogs during school hours.


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