Exclusive — Christian California Teacher Fired for Standing Against Trans Policies Discusses Role Faith Plays

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On the other side of faith are “things you could not have even imagined,” Jessica Tapia, a California teacher who was fired for refusing to bow down to the school district’s woke policies, said during an appearance on Breitbart News Daily, stressing the role her relationship with the Lord played in her decisions to stand up for what is right.

Tapia’s story took place over the course of seven months and began after students looked her up on social media and discovered her Christian conservative beliefs. She said the students took screenshots of some of her posts, which contained scriptures or quotes about faith. Another post featured her discovery that Kohl’s was selling LGBT pride clothes for toddlers and babies.

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“Students decided that I shouldn’t be allowed to do that. And they took issue to what my views or sent them in, and my district really sided with the students then put these directives on me that I had never heard of before,” she said, explaining that they were essentially transgender directives, forcing her to call students by their preferred gender or pronouns and telling her she must withhold the information from parents.

“I was in a unique position of being a P.E. teacher, so I oversaw the girls’ locker room, also learning that I would have to allow transgenders in,” she said, explaining that the district told her she would have to allow biological males into the female locker room if they identified as female.

She said she had three options: She could either bow down to the mandates even though she was convicted to save her salary, walk away and resign, or fight it and speak out, making it clear that these directives do not align with her beliefs.

Tapia said she sought God’s guidance for answers, who made it clear “just take a stand and speak out against these.”

“I did that and I did so in faith as to why I, you know, would not be willing to call a female student a boy or lie to parents or, you know, put my female girls in an unsafe situation with a boy around them while they’re dressing out for P.E.,” she said, explaining that when she did that, the district said it sounded like she was asking for a religious accommodation. However, they refused to grant her one and fired her officially, in January 2023.

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Tapia credits God for her ability to stand up, despite losing her job.

“It all comes down to you know, the Lord, and I ultimately was like, ok, I’m getting all different advice from people as I’m seeking guidance on what to do next. I’m feeling really confused. I just need to go and get alone with the Lord and hear His heart on this and what He’s calling me to do. And when I kind of just blocked out all the noise and just sought, you know, His counsel, because He’s ultimately, you know, our Counselor, it was like, I knew exactly what to do and I was like, I was on fire to do it too,” she said, adding that she was “standing firm in the truth and shining light in the darkness” and ultimately doing what “He’s called us to do.”


When this happened, some teachers, she said, reached out and told her the school district rolled out LGBTQ and transgender training. They said they could not even do the training because there was a quiz that would require them to lie in order to pass, and Tapia encouraged them to take a stand, too.

“They did, and they requested a … religious accommodation from the training and they were actually granted it,” she said, encouraging others to stand up for what they believe as well.

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“What I’ve learned truly that I can testify to now, today, after what I’ve walked through the last almost two years … [is] you never go wrong when you stand for what’s right, and on the other side of faith are things you could not have even imagined,” she said.

“It’s really actually exciting to surrender everything to the Lord and see what He has, you know, for you on the other side of really living out your faith and putting it into action,” she added.

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