Ignorance = 'It Ain't No More, Okay?'

In this painting, the meek are those who are easily led, ignorance is a tool used against them and red represents the communist countries that should have erased all doubt by now about the abysmal failures they have proven to be and will always be — no matter what variations of “ism” they call themselves.

“The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth” — 2000 mixed media on wood 38″ x 52″

Now that “the chickens have come home to roost” and we have an administration that does anything it damn well pleases while spitting in our faces to stay in power as they shove their agenda down our throats, I think it’s safe to assume we have nothing to lose by…gee…let me see…oh, I know…how about fighting back? I think Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin and the other girls in this movement have done more then their fair share and could use a little back up! Are there any men in this conservative movement other then Rush and Glenn Beck? Republican Senators and other “conservative” elected officials who sit idly by while their constituents repeatedly get kicked in the teeth, should be very grateful we can’t legally do more then just vote them out. Can you say tar and feather?

Please take a moment to view this video to make sense of the title of this post:

[youtube hIKPKjl0-pg nolink]

I happen to believe that I was born in what is the greatest, most powerful and to our credit, the most generous country the world has ever known and I am grateful for the privilege! I also believe, with the exception of those self-loathing apologists among us, that everyone living here knows it. Yes, the world is full of despots and others whose very existence depends on the propaganda that fuels the hatred that is directed at us, and this is most successful in countries where education and access to information is either non-existent and/or monitored by the state. The innocent inhabitants of these countries are not by choice ignorant and are therefore exempt from fault for their indoctrinated bias.

The same cannot be said for those who have the resources available to be better informed — especially my fellow Americans. Among those of us who know better but choose to feed this self-hatred are people who are in positions of political power and/or those who benefit financially. There are also people ideologically opposed to a free market society — the environmentalists who should speak out against the eco-terrorists and do a better job of proving themselves — and still, there are others, all of them short-sighted and driven by their own immediate agendas. Worse yet are the no-excuse-for-being-ignorant, supposed have-nots who continually vote for smooth-talking politicians promising to take care of their every need by stealing from the “lucky” haves and redistributing the wealth. Clue numero uno: The lucky haves are the hard working, independent, too much government-fearing individuals (middle and upper class) who are the only ones standing between the ignorant and the complete loss of their freedoms.

Let us also not forget for a second that there is an entire enterprise that has changed the meaning of the word racism for political expedience and is using it as a tool to separate and vilify millions of law abiding, caring, decent Americans of all colors and persuasions who believe in and stand up for equal rights for all humans, here and abroad. Many of these Americans contributed to the success of the civil rights movement. The people/politicians who promote and use this very hateful and evil tactic on a daily basis have no shame because they are soldiers to a cause that has no honor. They are prime examples of what we are up against and they should be called out every single time, no matter when or where they show up! They are what my piece “Formula For Hate” was all about. Make no mistake — they are dangerous, they know what they are doing and they will continue to do so until we put an end to this deplorable practice.

What will our United States look like years from now if we allow a select and radical group to “Change” it the way they see fit? I don’t know! And on whose shoulders will we ultimately lay blame? The current administration is doing exactly what they have been working on and positioning themselves to do for years and will do anything to reach their goals and finish the job. The United States of America is our home and it’s our duty to defend it against all enemies — foreign and domestic! Make no mistake, if we watch this from the sidelines, we will lose. “We The People” will be the ones to blame and the entire world will be the worse for it. Do not be intimidated and do not fall for their spin, their rhetoric, their fear mongering, their accusations, their finger pointing, their distractions, their outright lies, their threats or anything else they throw at you! We all know deep down what is right and what is wrong and we must do what is right!

At this point, if you are not informed or involved enough with your surroundings to see what is happening before your very eyes, you are part of the problem! If you are aware and you are in denial or waiting for others to act on your behalf, you are a bigger part of the problem! If you are aware and you are in a position to help make a difference, however small or insignificant you may think it is and you choose to do nothing, you are a huge part of the problem! If you are one of our elected representatives and you are selling us out to save your own skin and/or you’ve decided to ignore your oath and look the other way for whatever reason, you are more then a problem, you are a traitor! You are a traitor to those who entrusted you to do what is right and you are a traitor to our country and the principals it was founded on. We are watching, we are listening, we are taking note and we will remember!


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