Daily Gut: Sarah Palin's Books Sales Prove We're All Racists (Again)


So apparently Sarah Palin sold over three hundred thousand copies of her book in one day – and as you can guess – they were all purchased by racists.

At least, that’s what the sociology professors over at MSNBC Community College believe. Check out Hardball guest Norah O’Donnell, impersonating a talking puffin…

“This is a largely white — almost no minorities in this crowd. And they`re here because they love Sarah Palin. I think it`s an emotional connection, Chris because they feel, too, that they`ve been beat up on, whether it`s the economy or they feel like outcasts. They like the outsider, if you will, in Sarah Palin. And that`s why people have been willing to wait, 1,500 of them, since 7:00 AM this morning to just get a glimpse of Sarah Palin.”

So let me get this straight: people appreciate Palin because they’ve been picked on by a big bully. It makes me wonder if Norah ever psycho-analyzed Obama supporters this closely… or called them “largely black.”

But hey, I guess that’s better than calling them a tribe or something. Chris?

“I think there is a tribal aspect to this thing, in other words, white vs. other people. I think she is very smart about this. Here she is on the issue of — of what happened down at Fort Hood, obviously, an ethnic issue, as many people see it..”

So, imagine for a moment, if during an Obama rally, Matthews described it as “tribal.” How fast would he be fired, and then ending up on Oprah issuing a tearful apology?

Boogla moogla, I might say.

Which is Greg-lingo, for “pretty fast.”

But here’s the real issue: I used to think this race-baiting tactic was a political ploy. But now I believe they mean it. They do think that if you’re against the policies of Obama, you must be racist. And that’s because in their profession, they don’t know anyone who’s against the policies of Obama! Surrounded by like-minded lackeys, they’re convinced that everyone beyond the tinted windows of their black cars must be card-carrying members of the Aryan Book Club.

The real truth: Whether it’s Norah O’Donnell or Chris Matthews – they’re just too scared to question a black man over policy.

And that’s authentic bigotry.

But what can you expect from a bunch of white people?

And if you disagree with me, then you’re probably a racist.

Tonight, another great lineup!

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