Your Tax Dollars at Work: 'Machete' Glorifies Race War


***UPDATE: According to Texas Governor Perry’s office: “At this time, no funds have been released to Troublemaker Studios.”

I’m assuming this statement is in reference to “Machete.” But Rodriguez wasn’t going to to shoot “Machete” in Texas without the promise of tax incentives:


Not sure which is more revealing about our friends in Leftist Hollywood; the blatantly racist double standard at work in Robert Rodriguez’s “Machete,” or the fact that the same industry relentlessly lobbying both behind the scenes and up on that big screen to “soak the rich for socialism” is also the biggest group of corporate welfare-whores we’ve ever seen. The Worst People In The World are fully aware tax cuts/credits help businesses to create jobs and obviously feel that they’re the only industry entitled to them.


In the case of “Machete” the tax cuts/credits you and I pay for are being used to intentionally stoke racial tensions. not only discovered that “Machete” sucked hard on the public teat for funding, but a copy of the script they managed to get their hands on confirms that the actual film is somehow more incendiary than the “Fuck Arizona” trailer Rodriguez released last week:

Worst of all, Robert Rodriguez’ incendiary race film ‘Machete‘ was made, in part, with help from tax incentives and location access provided by the Texas Film Commission, a division of Governor Rick Perry’s Office. A spokesperson from the organization confirmed that Rodriguez has indeed applied for funding.

The film, originally based on a largely satirical mock-trailer inserted into Rodriguez & Taratino’s Grindhouse, has expanded into full production, and developed a message that many have criticized as glorifying a race war. Among those critics are two anonymous crew members from the production- who happen to be Hispanic- that came forward to warn Alex confidentially about the upsetting script. Further, two individuals who were privy to early screenings of ‘Machete’ have warned that the film is far more racially inflammatory than either the trailer or leaked script have indicated. …

In addition to state funds, Robert Rodriguez has long had use of the state & city funded studios based at the former Austin airport. His Troublemaker Studios utilizes the Austin Studios facilities, which is managed by the Austin Film Society. Are racial-revenge fantasies the intended use of such publicly and community supported institutions?

Be sure to read the whole thing and check out the videos.

The Left using racial divisiveness to keep their fractured coalition together is nothing new. Those who figure out they’re not disenfranchised don’t vote Democrat, after all. Unless of course they’re people like director Rodriguez who can profit from telling lies about Arizona’s immigration law and make infamous history by stoking a race war.

Hey, does that make Rodriguez a war-profiteer? Methinks it does.

We all know that if the situation were reversed, if the film’s hook was Caucasian Border Minutemen declaring a race war on Mexican Illegals, no one would find that acceptable. Sure, we live in a free country where such a project would be legal, but not acceptable.

But those who profit from racial divisions financially and especially at the ballot box will further sell their already rancid souls and say nothing about this. Especially, the MSM. And if they do, it will only be to push the open border agenda that floods our country with those who disproportionately help Democrats win elections — if not through outright voter fraud, certainly through activism on the left’s behalf. Thus far the MSM has been mostly silent about the incendiary Machete” trailer. They’re too busy labelling Tea Partiers as racist for daring to call Socialists Socialists. If and when they are forced to talk about it, you can expect Rodriguez’a racist propaganda to be framed as some kind of important and socially relevant warning or protest — benevolent Hollywood giving voice to the disenfranchised — a symptom of a divisive law… A perfectly Constitutional law passed by those who govern a sovereign state currently under siege by an unprecedented drug and kidnapping crime wave.

It’s not Rodriguez’s fault that an idea he’s had for years is about to be realized in the middle of the Arizona debate. But the multi-millionaire is no innocent victim of bad timing. The overrated filmmaker grabbed the Arizona issue by both lapels and intentionally exploited the situation to gin up attention to his project.

On a lesser scale, the shame of it all is that from a film fan point of view, before it was revealed that D.W. Hack was making “Birth of a La Raza,” “Machete” was looking like the only good that might come out of “Grindhouse.” Danny Trejo starring in a pulpy, unapologetic revenger? Who wouldn’t enjoy that? Well, effete leftist critics and film writers for starters. So now that we know this one plays into their racist agenda, their reaction to “Machete” should be interesting.


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