Stand With Gibson Guitars: Rally Planned For Oct. 8

So here we are ten months after the “shellacking” that took place during the November 2010 elections, thanks in large part to the TEA Party movement, and now the left-wing, State-run, “lamestream media” would have you believe the TEA Party is fizzling out – asserting the power of the conservative movement is waning.

Don’t they wish.

On October 8, from 2-4PM, several 9/12, TEA Party, and conservative/patriot organizations will unite in an “unprecedented” show of support for one of this country’s great American companies, Gibson Guitars at a “We Stand With Gibson” rally at the Scoreboard Bar & Grill parking lot in Nashville, TN.

[youtube gDhIzm8y5tY We Stand With Gibson Rally Promo (Keep Your Hands Off Our Wood)]

For those who don’t tune in to Fox News Channel, read conservative blogs, or listen to conservative talk radio, chances are you are not even aware of what happened to Gibson Guitars last month when Federal agents raided their offices and factories in Nashville and Memphis, semi-automatic weapons drawn, clearing out all employees and confiscating guitars, supplies, files, computers, etc.

What was their alleged crime, you ask? Using “illegal” wood in their products. Isn’t it odd how nobody has even been indicted on any charges?

As I discussed in my last BigDawg spotlight piece on fellow BigDawg’er, Nathan Picard, seems the only real “crime” here is Gibson’s CEO, Henry Juszkiewicz, is a Republican donor. The feds have basically told Mr. Juszkiewicz that all of this “would go away” if they outsource their jobs to Madagascar. Say what?

Meanwhile, POTUS is making the rounds touting his so-called “jobs bill”…demanding Congress “pass this bill” (90 times in 5 speeches)…. But do keep sending those jobs overseas.

If this doesn’t smack of gestapo-like tactics, y’all are still asleep. It’s time to wake up and smell the tyranny.

How can you get involved? Hop on a plane, train, or automobile, head to Nashville, and let this administration know that we say “NO YOU CAN’T” bully us into submission. Rally organizers have stated the following:

The government’s actions impact not only Gibson but all related businesses working with Gibson products. This abuse of federal power must not go unanswered. We, the citizens who grant government its power and authority, MUST act to hold government accountable when that power is abused. Please join us October 8 in Nashville to Stand with Gibson.

We are asking you to do the following to show your support for Gibson:

1) Attend the rally (Directions);

2) Sign up for email updates on the rally. New information is coming out daily;

3) Tell your family and friends about the rally and encourage them to attend, as well;

4) Visit the Rally’s FaceBook page and “Like” it;

5) Share on your FaceBook and Twitter accounts. The Twitter hashtag is #GibsonRally;

6) Visit Grassfire Nation and sign the petition in support of Gibson (the plan is to present this to Gibson live at the event)

When we first learned about this rally less than a week ago, we contacted the organizers immediately and offered to help out in any way we could. Considering a large number of our culture warriors at our site are right-leaning, liberty-loving artists/musicians, how could we NOT support a company that produces such great, American-made guitars?

As fate would have it, that very same day that we learned about the rally, one of our BigDawg Brigade members, Ms. Reese Ccup, shared a YouTube video with us of a gentleman named Steve Bryant (who just joined our site) singing an original song he’d written about the Gibson raid called “Keep Your Hands Off Our Wood”. It was perfect! Not only were the lyrics spot on, but he played the song on a vintage Gibson Blue Ridge acoustic guitar about which he had this to say:

Growing up, I always wanted a Gibson Guitar. My father played with the big bands and played a big old L-5. He died when I was 2 and my Mother had to sell his guitar before I was old enough to appreciate it.

As a pre-teen and teenager, I was fascinated with puppets. I studied puppetry and even operated a marionette on a syndicated TV show when I was 13. I also had my own troupe of puppets and did shows for birthday parties and events, even did “adult puppet shows” when I was a later teen. As a musician, I wrote and performed original music for the shows.

I saw this Gibson Blue Ridge in a South Jersey music store in 1969 (I was 18). It was love at first sight. I had saved almost the entire price of the guitar from the money I made doing puppet shows and my Mother gave me the last $50. As a lifelong hard working single Mom, I still don’t know how she was able to do it.

I took that guitar to Woodstock and the Isle of Wight in 1969 along with many other music festivals in the 70’s. The guitar went to college with me and when I became a QVC host, it traveled all over America and Europe. I was lucky enough to play it on TV with Tom Paxton, Richie Havens, Glen Campbell and many other artists. I was the primary musical and entertainment on-air host at QVC for over 15 years.

Now that I’m a talk radio host, I use my Blue Ridge to write and perform original songs and song parodies about pop culture and politics. She sounds better every year!

We had offered to do a promo video for the rally organizers and just had to ask Steve for permission to use his song for the video, which he was gracious enough to grant us. Let’s just hope the feds don’t show up to confiscate all the “contraband” from the Gibson guitar-wielding musicians that show up, including Steve!

As of the writing of this article, there are 51 sponsor organizations for this rally including ours. Confirmed speakers include Gibson Chairman and CEO, Henry Juszkiewicz; Congressman Marsha Blackburn; Talk Radio Hosts: Steve Gill, Phil Valentine, and Mark Skoda; and Chairman, Tea Party Express, Amy Kremer.

Confirmed artists for this two-hour event include Eric Lee Beddingfield, and Grant Austin Taylor, who will “Rock the House with his rendition of the National Anthem on his Gibson Electric Guitar”.

Be sure to check the official event site regularly for updates as the sponsor list is growing by the hour and additional speakers and entertainers will be posted once confirmed. This is an event you won’t want to miss!

Several BigDawg Music Mafia artists will be there to show our support. Do stop by our booth and say hello. We just might talk you into joining the culture revolution while you’re there and twist your arm into hitting the karaoke bars with us later in the evening!


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