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Fallon Sorry for Bachmann Song Slam, Still Won't Apologize On His Own Show


Jimmy Fallon is very, very sorry for insulting Rep. Michele Bachmann on his “Late Night” talk fest.

Except Fallon never apologized on-air for the incident, and his house band’s punishment remains unknown. We know how Hank Williams, Jr. was punished for making a crude analogy involving Adolf Hitler and President Barack Obama, right?

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Fallon’s reputation on the right took a hit with the incident, and frankly that won’t likely change in the months to come. If Fallon’s monologue starts slamming GOP contenders in the runup to the 2012 presidential elections he’ll face the wrath of conservatives understandably wary of comedians who prefer to give President Obama a pass when it comes to stinging political humor.

It all didn’t have to go down this way.

The late night host could have ended the incident swiftly and with more satisfying results if he had apologized on air the very next night and had Questlove, the band’s leader, do the same. Instead, Fallon is still offering apologies and the incident won’t go away.


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