Fox Business Warns Parents: Beware Left-Wing Messaging In 'The Muppets'



Leftist Hollywood hates that the American people now have so many methods with which to communicate, including the Fox News and Fox Business channels, the only television news outlets not completely in bed with the left.

The above clip, which I found at DHD (the comments are hilarious), is actually from last week, which makes one wonder. Could the fact that this information about “The Muppets” got out have something to do with the film failing to live up to box office expectations last weekend?

We’re living in a whole new world where a few corrupt elites no longer control every portal of information. Thanks to cable and the Internet, the dissemination of information is as democratic as it’s ever been.

What a beautiful time to be alive, at least if you’re not trying to propagandize children behind the backs of their parents.

UPDATE: Sharon Waxman asks:

If I didn’t know better I’d say that Disney slipped someone over at Fox Business Channel a bill to go on a rant against its hit movie, “The Muppets.”

That doesn’t even make sense, except from a tactical point of view.

One of the phoniest narratives that comes out of the entertainment media is that controversy is always good and always backfires against the complainers, most especially “uptight” right-wingers. They say this, of course, in the form of reverse psychology because what they really want is for us to shut up. Why has every single anti-war film released over the last five years flopped? Why hasn’t Oliver Stone had a hit in nearly a decade? If controversy sold, those examples would be the biggest hits of decade.

Yes, controversy spreads information. But if people like the information they hear, the project does well (“The Passion of the Christ,” “Married With Children”), if they don’t, the project might do worse than it would have otherwise. When you look at “The Muppets” softer than expected second week, I’d say Disney wishes no one said anything.

And when has controversy ever helped something aimed at children?


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