War on Women: Alec Baldwin Calls Reporter a 'Nutty Bitch'

War on Women: Alec Baldwin Calls Reporter a 'Nutty Bitch'

Alec Baldwin, star of a sitcom that has never ranked above 69 in the ratings and last year ranked 106, can’t stop freaking out on Twitter:



Apparently, Baldwin is upset because a couple of reporters from the Daily News crashed the yoga class his new fiancee, Hilaria Thomas, attended or was teaching. He explained his outrage over four tweets on Twitter:

Two reporters from the Daily News crashed ‘ yoga class today to take photos and post pictures. Their names are …. There names are Simone Weichselbaum… And Enid Alvarez… Shame on the no- talent trash from the Daily News for invading the privacy of 75 people in a yoga class to take a picture of someone.

Obviously, Baldwin hasn’t been a celebrity long enough to understand that when you choose to publicly announce things like an engagement, pesky reporters act like pesky reporters. Or, as he would later call one of them, “a nutty bitch.”

Never done with a temper tantrum that has lasted over three decades now, Baldwin then went after the left-wing’s favorite bogeyman, media titan Rupert Murdoch (who owns the New York Post not The Daily News). Still immune from irony, Baldwin called Murdoch a fascist and then, uhm, demanded that Murdoch be stripped of “every broadcast license he has” — because that wouldn’t be at all fascist.  

Ezra Dulis contributed to this report.


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