Trailer Talk: 'Zero Dark Thirty' Tease Taunts Accusations of Intelligence Leaks

Trailer Talk: 'Zero Dark Thirty' Tease Taunts Accusations of Intelligence Leaks

Americans will finally get to learn the truth behind the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.

“The story you think you know … this is how it happened,” says the teaser trailer for the new film “Zero Dark Thirty.”

So why would a movie have information that hasn’t been released to the general public about one of the most critical terrorist fighting missions in modern history?

It’s almost as if the folks who spliced and diced the 1:15 minutes worth of promotional footage were mocking the fact that a sitting Congressman suspects the White House leaked secret information to the film’s crew in an effort to boost President Barack Obama’s re-election chances.

The death of bin Laden on Obama’s watch remains the one unabashed success of the president’s mostly disastrous three-plus years in office.

“Zero Dark Thirty” was originally slated to bow before the Nov. 6 elections until conservatives questioned the timing of the release as well as the intelligence issues surrounding the film. And that was before we learned a stack of papers on the topic was suddenly found – but not immediately handed over to the public – by the C.I.A.

Now, the movie is slated to released in December, but this early trailer suggests the ad blitz will be in full force long before Election Day.

Either way, the trailer’s use of “redacted” style black marks reminds us of the imbroglio surrounding the film as well as the government’s fight to keep papers related to the matter out of our hands.

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