Adam Carolla: Media Up the A** of Obama Administration

Adam Carolla: Media Up the A** of Obama Administration

Adam Carolla followed the mainstream media’s advice this week and began a dialogue on race relations with his podcast partner Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Carolla used the discussion as a springboard to slam the media for its subservience to President Barack Obama and penchant for flaming the flames of racial discontent.

“The first thing we need to do is stop the media in its rush to turn everything into a problem of race. They don’t even know how to report shit,” Carolla says during the July 18 edition of The Adam and Dr. Drew Show.

He later moved on to the press’ liberal bias, something most comedians never acknowledge.

“Look, obviously [the media] are so far gone and so far up the administration’s ass,” he says. “We got a dead kid over here [in Trayvon Martin]. We got four dead folks over in Benghazi. How much outrage over that? Doesn’t seem like a lot of outrage. I mean the news … not hearing a whole lot of that from the news department.”

Carolla then zeroed in on the media’s attempt to make Zimmerman, the half Peruvian man acquitted in the death of Martin, a white racist.

“The election of the first black president. Wait a minute. He’s half white. I didn’t call him half white before, but as long as Zimmerman’s gonna be half white, we’ll just make [Obama] half white, too. The same people who call Zimmerman half white don’t call the president half black. Interesting, or agenda?”

Carolla also slammed the “cottage industry” of black leaders like the Rev. Al Sharpton that exploits racial turmoil, extolled the value of intact families and pleaded for a national dialogue pushing for a greater emphasis on education.


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