'God's Not Dead' Star Sorbo: There's a Hollywood Blacklist

'God's Not Dead' Star Sorbo: There's a Hollywood Blacklist

“God’s Not Dead” star Kevin Sorbo told John W. Kennedy of Faith, Media & Culture that there is a political blacklist in Hollywood and, although he works regularly, he knows he is on it simply for being an Independent. Simply for voting for the “the best person,” Sorbo says, “That, in itself, is enough to get me blacklisted in Hollywood.”

Eventually left-wing Hollywood will have to wake up to the fact that this bigoted New Blacklist is costing them money. On only 780 screens, “God’s Not Dead” opened with a $7.6 million weekend and a huge $9525 per screen average, behind only “Divergent” and indie sensation “Budapest Hotel.”

The New Blacklist Sorbo speaks of is very real and even more insidious than the infamous anti-Communist blacklist of the 1950’s. Back then, you were told you were being blacklisted. There was an actual list. Today’s blacklist offers no such courtesy. Hollywood is run mostly by a gang of intolerant leftists who simply refuse to hire anyone who does not toe the left-wing line.

Sure, Sorbo works. It helps a lot that he was established before coming out as a Christian and political Independent. But he’s still on a blacklist. Based solely on his personal political and religious beliefs, directors and producers refuse to even consider him for their projects. That is exactly how the Blacklist worked 60 years ago and exactly how it works today.

Other than the cowering refusal to create an actual list, the only other difference between today’s blacklist and its predecessor is that today’s media participates in the blacklist by either dismissing or ignoring it.

Here’s Sorbo’s full quote. You can read the full interview here.  

JWK: Have you experienced any backlash in Hollywood for your views?

KS: Oh, sure. I mean I’m an independent in Hollywood. I’ve voted Democratic in my live, I’ve voted Republican in my life. I’m one of the few people I think in Hollywood who actually comes out and says “Hey, you know what, I vote for who I think is the best person, period.” I’m not a party guy. There are people on both sides of the political fence that I don’t agree with. To me, I look to see who I honestly think is going to be the best person. So, that, in itself, is enough to get me blacklisted in Hollywood…They scream for tolerance, They scream for freedom of speech but it you disagree at all with what they’re saying then they can blacklist you. They have the power to do that.

I mean Hollywood doesn’t owe me anything. I get it. I understand that but, on the same side, it’s like “Okay, why can’t I have an opinion? Why does that cost me jobs?” I mean there’s so much anger…in Hollywood. It’s weird. Their arguments aren’t logical. They aren’t based on fact. If you hit people up with facts, they just say you’re wrong and they don’t give reasons why you’re wrong. Their whole idea is that they say they care so much more. What do you mean you care so much more? Here’s the reality. Here are the statistics that will back me up with the things I’m saying. They don’t want to hear that. They don’t want to see it.  They don’t care. They just have an anger.


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