Five Outside the Box Choices to Take David Letterman's 'Late Show' Throne

Five Outside the Box Choices to Take David Letterman's 'Late Show' Throne

CBS already may have chosen its successor to David Letterman, the veteran late night host who announced Thursday he’ll relinquish his comic throne next year.

Stephen Colbert is not only on the tip of CBS executives’ tongues, but the Comedy Central liberal appears giddy for the gig.

Why not think outside the proverbial box and reach out to the following five performers who might actually bring something fresh to late night television?

Colin Quinn: The MTV alum would offer a gravelly gravitas missing from the current crop of hosts. Plus, his latest comic creation is fashioned around the Constitution, giving him a political edge other comics who simply riff on the latest headlines lack.

Adam Carolla: The podcast king wouldn’t take the gig. Why would he want his “pirate ship” to change course at this point in his entrepreneurial journey? And P.C. media types would try to twist his every comment into a War on Women assault. Still, it’s fun to imagine what his compelling life story and fertile wit might do to enhance the late night arena.

Melissa McCarthy: The Bridesmaids standout is a movie star now, but she would bring a double-edged comic assault to The Late Show. She’s a gifted physical comic with the ability to improv zany lines with alacrity. Just watch some of the Blu-ray extras from her movies where she tosses off any number of killer comic lines.

Daniel Tosh: The biggest risk of the bunch. Tosh doesn’t do many media interviews, which could make him a horrible choice for the job. Yet watching him quiz his web all-stars on Tosh.0 shows a lightning fast mind and someone willing to push people out of their comfort zones. How refreshing would that be in the late night arena?

Jay Mohr: Versatile. Road tested. Humbled by success and failure. The podcaster/stand-up comic offers plenty of tools to the gig including some of the best impressions on the comedy circuit. Oh, and his work on the sports radio circuit could bring a whole new demographic to late night.