Veteran Hollywood Reporter: 'Probably More to Come' Re: Child Sex Allegations

Veteran Hollywood Reporter: 'Probably More to Come' Re: Child Sex Allegations

Sharon Waxman is no stranger to Hollywood.

The award-winning journalist who founded in 2009 has covered the entertainment industry for years, including a stint at The Washington Post. She also authored Rebels on the Backlot, a book focusing on six maverick film directors who shook up Hollywood.

Today, Waxman shared just how nervous the entertainment industry is following Monday’s revelation that three prominent executives were being sued by a man claiming they sexually abused him when he was a teen. That news closely followed a suit against director Bryan Singer of X-Men fame alleging similar child sexual abuse–Singer has denied the accusation and has vowed to countersue.

The tawdry charges, Waxman suspects, likely won’t end with these current lawsuits.

There’s lots of talk that “everyone knew” this kind of thing was going on. (Not by me, I confess.) That there were legendary sex parties among the gay industry elite and that there was something about them that was decidedly over the line.

Waxman details conversations with unnamed Hollywood sources who appeared distracted by the news. One, she says, offered more substantial information about the nature of the current accusations.

I spoke to one straight executive yesterday who gave me shocking details about parties at the Encino mansion called the M & C Estate owned by convicted sex offender Marc Collins-Rector, where Singer is accused of molesting Egan.

“This house was famous for this,” said the executive. “There were straight parties that turned into gay parties.” This executive has been to the house and a close associate was there frequently because he worked for Rector at the time…. 

He continued: “It was a trick. They would throw these lavish parties, they’d have these private planes, and they would get these 18-17-15-year-old guys, they brought their girlfriends, and they’d try to flip them. They’d take the lowest hanging fruit. They’d say, ‘You want chicks? You want planes?’ And they’d throw these straight parties and use it as a breeding ground to get guys.

“So in short: there’s probably more to come,” she writes at the end of her latest column.